Great things we can do if we believe in the power within ourselves at this moment.

You Are Responsible!

The soul of man is as a bright light which has been covered by numerous different coloured materials.

The Nine Freedoms

What a man visualises – so he becomes!

The Aetherius Society Newsletter – 1977, Volume 16, Issue 22

The gold mine in the soul is called heaven.

Contact your Higher Self through Yoga

No results in any field of endeavour have ever been brought about without sacrifice!

The Aetherius Society Newsletter – 1979, Volume 18, Issues 17-19

We must try to kindle a flame of patience within our heart so that wherever we go we spread a peace around us.

‘Peace on Earth’

A person who is divorced from fear is divorced from envy, is divorced from greed.

‘Peace on Earth’

Suffering is one of the finest teachers.

‘The New Lord’s Prayer/The Lord’s Prayer’

Gratitude is something which is absolutely essential, it is something no one can get very far without.

‘The New Lord’s Prayer/The Lord’s Prayer’

Spiritual determination is greater than any other determination.

You Too Can Heal

The complete control of kundalini through the spinal column is man’s only reason for being on Earth.

The Nine Freedoms


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