There is nothing so satisfying as working for the glory of God in the service of mankind.

Cosmic Voice; Volume 2

A man blind in one eye can help a man blind in two eyes to cross the road.

The Aetherius Society Newsletter – 1980, Issues 11-14

It is a fact that a few really dedicated humanitarians, working alone, can do much good for humanity. But bring these together in a common spiritual purpose and they can save the world.

The Nine Freedoms

…the greatest Yoga of all is the Yoga of Service…

You Too Can Heal

Service is the one and only way.

The Aetherius Society Newsletter – 1967, Issue 13

Of all the Yogas I have studied, Karma Yoga is the greatest Yoga of all! It is Karma Yoga which will save the world.

Operation Sunbeam: God’s Magic in Action

Materialistic politics cause division and war… Spiritual Service causes co-operation and peace.

Cosmic Voice; Volume 26

Remember – do not be afraid to live your beliefs, or to let other people see you are living your beliefs, for it makes no difference what others think, and help to bring to mankind a beautifully spiritual New Morning.

The Aetherius Society Newsletter – 1974, Issues 25-26


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