Operation Sunbeam – God’s Magic in Action


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Operation Sunbeam – God’s Magic in Action

By Dr. George King

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In 1978 Mars Sector 6 revealed that the performance of Operation Sunbeam had enabled Satellite No. 3, an extraterrestrial spacecraft, to be in orbit of Earth radiating spiritual energies to humanity for an extra 167 days. This booklet enumerates exactly what that means in terms of spiritual opportunities for humanity as details of the tremendous spiritual energies radiated to humanity on the higher and lower realms of Earth by Satellite No. 3 during times of orbit, or “Spiritual Pushes.”

Also documented is the extension of Operation Sunbeam by The Great White Brotherhood on the higher realms, and the initiation of Dr. George King on Shamballa by the Lord Buddha as a Grand Knight Templar of the Inner Sanctum of the Holy Order of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth.

Booklet; 47 pages.