Cosmic Voice – Volume No. 2


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Cosmic Voice – Volume No. 2

By Dr. George King

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Amazing insights into trance, conspiracy, non-violence, the true spiritual nature of Christmas, and contact with beings from other planets, together with some of the most profound wisdom you will find anywhere on Earth – as given by Cosmic Masters from the higher planes of Mars, Venus, Jupiter and even Saturn.

Softback; 91 pages.

Recommended to anyone with an open-minded interest in extraterrestrial life and a yearning for spiritual truth. This compilation of early issues of The Aetherius Society’s journal Cosmic Voice contains the words of wisdom of a number of intelligences from other worlds speaking through Dr. George King.


Cosmic Voice Vol. 2, Seventh Impression (May 1982)

From page 10 (Dr George King):

The Yogic trance condition is employed by me in order to tune into and receive the mental stimuli directed by the Interplanetary Communicators. I have learned how to raise the psychic current (Kundalini) from the lower centres and lodge it in a certain higher chakra in order to activate that centre to such a degree that prolonged concentration upon the actual carrier beam which conveys the thought transmission is possible. At the same time, I completely detach myself from the results of the sound translation to such an extent that my own pet likes, dislikes and opinions of the conscious mind cannot discolour the actual message itself. If I do fall short of this goal in any way, it can be put down to my personal imperfection rather than any fault occurring in the actual mental transmission originally received.

It is of course possible to receive a series of telepathic impressions while still being fully conscious of one’s immediate surroundings. But to share an experience with others — at the same time — by translating the whole series into sound or speech, needs a positive type of Yogic trance condition. Perhaps the greatest lecture I have ever heard was given to me by The Master Aetherius while I was travelling on top of a bus! And this stream of illumination lasted for two whole hours. During the time I was detached from, yet dimly aware of, my immediate environment. I was not in a deep trance condition. Yet I could not have spoken out the words of the Master for the whole period without employing a deep trance condition. Maybe a phrase or two could be spoken, but not the WHOLE MESSAGE EXACTLY as received. Therefore, when condensed, the answer to the two problems imposed by
the original question: “Why Trance?” is:

1. What is a Mental Transmission?
It is a transmission of a specific pattern of thought impulses radiated on a magnetic carrier wave.

2. What type of Trance Condition is employed?
A positive Yogic condition, self-precipitated by a control imposed upon the currents of psychic energy in order to receive and translate into sound these thought impulses.

From page 37 (Mars Sector 6):

There are more of our vehicles being seen at the moment around Terra than ever before, and yet fewer reports are reaching the press. This is because of a conspiracy to deny our existence. Dear friends, do not let the conspirators be successful. Were it not that there are thousands of our vehicles at this moment screening Terra, you would not live to walk from this room. This, irrespective of what your official sources tell you. There are more sightings by professional and amateur spotters now than ever before, and yet only a few are ever made known.

You talk upon Terra about the Silence Group. It does exist. The “Silence Group” — what is it? I will tell you beyond doubt. It is run by the great financial organisations — organisations that move countries — organisations which cause conflict between one country and another so that war may result. So that their profit may be great indeed. Organisations which have sworn to rule Terra with an iron hand. They cannot do it openly. How can they do it? There is only one way. That is by playing one faction off against another and causing internal strife between the two.

The “Silence Group” does exist.

It is like some insidious monster in your midst, working by day and night.

The Mental Channel that I use at the moment was approached and his permission gained before these statements were made public, because of the danger in which He would be. However, He, like ourselves, saw fit that the revelations of this knowledge should take place.

The dark forces upon your Earth are highly organized. It is the Forces of Light which are are not organized by the ordinary man. One religious body is at loggerheads with another, and yet all black magic ritual is synchronized so that a pre-determined and specific result may be brought about. Your religions are split. Where is the synchronization? It does not exist. You have certain religious factors saying to the congregation, ‘You may not attend any other church’. You have other religious factors saying that their religions are useless, because they only believe so and so and not this and that. Where is the synchronization there? It does not exist. Yet all the time the insidious monster is working among you, fostering this mental break, fostering this psychic break between religion and religion.