Quotes on ENLIGHTENMENT & WISDOM by Dr. King

It is wisdom that sets a man free. Nothing else.

Realize Your Inner Potential

The only true democracy is wisdom, for wisdom is knowledge activated by power through love. The result is freedom.

You Are Responsible!

If one lies deliberately, one will never gain wisdom. This is law.

You Are Responsible!

Knowledge and love are the ingredients from which the key of wisdom is moulded – and the key of wisdom is the only key which will open the door to true freedom.

The Atomic Mission

After all, you can live without watching television, but a man with true spiritual hunger cannot live without spiritual food necessary for his growth and enlightenment.

The Aetherius Society Newsletter – 1975, Issues 12-15

Let us always remember that an enlightened beggar has a far greater terrestrial responsibility than an ignorant ruler.

Cosmic Voice; Volume 1

To be wise after the event is ordinary. To be wise before it is Masterly.

Cosmic Voice; Volume 1

It is a well-known fact that the highest form of healing that any Master can give to his pupil is the right teaching. No other type of healing is comparable with this. Such teaching takes the splinters of ignorance from the mind, and hate from the heart, and brings about that delicately balanced sensitivity which is spiritual awareness.

Cosmic Voice; Volume 1

With the Eastern rising Sun has come all the wisdom – with the Western setting Sun must come the practical application of that wisdom.

You Are Responsible!

If you would be wise, then start an investment today by putting good, unselfish deeds into a spiritual bank account which will pay the highest dividends of all.

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