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Dr. George King: “Star Pupil”

GK Star Pupil Blog Post

Today marks the birthdate of legendary Master of Yoga and world-renowned medium Dr. George King.

As part of the celebrations of this special day we have great pleasure in sharing with you a podcast that makes history. For the first time ever in public Rt. Revs. Richard Lawrence and Brian Keneipp, both Bishops in The Aetherius Churches and close disciples of Dr. King, discuss one of the most unusual extraterrestrial communications anyone on Earth has ever received.

It is a message of profound revelation that underlines how little we have begun to appreciate this enigmatic Master and the vastness of his work – including his true stature.

Humble, understated, and millennia ahead of his time, for the unseeing eye it could be easy to miss the significance of the role that he has played on Earth. As The Master Aetherius stated in 1965:

“A man can have two great faults. One, he can be nothing. The other, he can be so great as to appear nothing because of his very greatness. This has happened.”

We invite you to take this opportunity to hear some of the amazing true stories of those who lived literally by the side of a man who devoted his life and the whole of his energies to humanity – and most of all to the great Goddess Earth.

“I can tell you that without him and his cooperation, and his suffering throughout the years, your Earth would be an entirely different place, and millions of you would not be able to live here because of extremely adverse conditions.
– The Master Aetherius – ‘Unusual Statement about George King’, 1990

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