Quotes on TRUTH

Be still, oh little ones. Be kind, oh good ones. Be gentle, oh sweet ones, yet stand ye firm upon the Rock of Truth and you will be great ones.

The Master Jesus
Cosmic Voice; Issue 22

Wisdom is Wisdom – it is not transmutable – IT IS!

The Master Aetherius
Cosmic Voice; Issue 16

Your holy works tell you that the greatest gift one man can give to his brother is Wisdom. Then as this is so, the greatest crime a man or organisation can perpetrate is the suppression of that knowledge which in itself could fire the Flame of Divine Wisdom within the hearts of all.

Mars Sector 6
Cosmic Voice; Issue 16

He that seeketh after Truth, shall find it. He shall find it everywhere.

A Master from Venus
Cosmic Voice; Issue 15

What is religion? What is Truth? Truth, dear friends, is the most holy form of religion.

Mars Sector 6
Cosmic Voice; Issue 11

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