In the coldness of your spiritual aloneness, oh friends, reach outwards, upwards and yet more subtly inwards for the light which burneth there, pure, unadulterated, not contaminated by thought, nor ruled by passion, nor made a tool of foolish desire. The light which shineth not, yet which is all light, in light. Let this shine through you. Let this very power which is you, manifest as you and then you may become the lasting you.

Jupiter 92
Cosmic Voice; Issue 26

Reach outwards. Reach upwards but do not ever, my brothers – please – forget to reach inwards. For although the outside world has much to offer it cannot offer you one small part of what the inside world can offer you.

The Master Aetherius
Cosmic Voice; Issue 14

You know, the shortest journey that you can make takes you the longest time to complete. That, dear friends, is the journey within you.

The Master Aetherius
Cosmic Voice; Issue 14

Know that within you burns a Flame, an all-knowing Flame, an all-existent Flame, a Flame which is neither here nor there, a Flame which is neither hot nor cold, a Flame which is neither light nor darkness – and yet all of these. A Flame which is not mind – and yet is all-knowing. A Flame which knoweth no limitation – and yet, vaguely, recognizes individuality.

Mars Sector 6
The Nine Freedoms