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Unconditional Surrender to God

Unconditional surrender to God

As featured on Aetherius Radio Live.

In this episode, Richard Lawrence invites his wife, Alyson, onto the show to continue with the sixth and final instalment in the keys to the current King Yoga series: unconditional surrender to God…!

This is without a doubt the highest and most advanced of the keys in this series, and Dr. George King has given us an absolutely outstanding pattern to aspire to in this respect. 

This great Master lived and breathed this unconditional surrender – and, through it, attained the greatest of spiritual victories.

One of the finest examples of his spiritual genius was the invention of the mighty Operation Sunbeam – a Mission that inspired the Galaxy. He attributed this unique achievement to his unconditional surrender to God, which he described as follows:

“There comes a turning point in the lives of all of us. This is the focal point of your life, like the hub of a wheel. The finest wheel is useless unless it has a functional hub, and unless that hub is in the exact center of that wheel. The turning point comes when you devote your life to God wholeheartedly – without reservation. Without reservation! Without any reservation!

In this podcast you will hear extracts from Dr. King’s own teaching on unconditional surrender, including:

– What makes a really successful person?
– The turning point that will lead to your own spiritual salvation
– What does true unconditional surrender to God really mean?
– The road to real peace, real joy and true enlightenment
– The key to all the powers, inspiration and knowledge

We hope that this series has helped you to grasp the essence of what Dr. King demonstrated in his life, what he taught others and what he was – and is, so that you begin to take these attributes within yourself, manifest them and become a true spiritual light in our world!

For the other five keys in this series, follow the links below:

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