Spiritual Healing in Royal Oak, Michigan

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A spiritual or energy healing treatmentThe Aetherius Society has been administering Spiritual Healing treatments for the past 60 years to help reduce pain and speed up the period of recovery. Treatments can work alone or as a complimentary addition to orthodox medicine the patient may also be receiving.

Devised by Dr. George King, the King Technique is a natural energy healing method based on ancient principles of metaphysical science which can help to bring relief to those who need it.

Spiritual healers trained in the King Technique offer treatments in our Temple by appointment. Please allow 45 minutes for your appointment and wear comfortable clothing.

There is no charge for treatment, but donations towards the cost of running the Temple and healing sanctuary are greatly appreciated.

Our Temple and healing sanctuary is located at 3119 N Campbell Rd, Royal Oak, Michigan 48073.

Spiritual healing

Dr. King gives spiritual healing to a patient

Dr. George King administers healing to a patient.

Spiritual healing is a science in which the universal life forces – sometimes referred to as prana – are conveyed from the healer into the patient.

Today in what is often termed the “mind body spirit” or “New Age” movement it is taken for granted that spiritual healing is a skill which can be taught and learnt. But, in 1976 when Dr. King published his ground-breaking book You Too Can Heal, this was highly controversial – even in certain spiritual healing circles where healing was wrongly regarded as the gift of the few – rather than the birthright of all.

All conditions can be treated by spiritual healing – but not all people. Some people are more receptive than others to this treatment, due to a number of factors such as karma and mental outlook. As such the results of healing can vary a great deal. If the patient has faith in the technique and the healer, this will of course aid the healing process, but is not necessary; this is not faith healing as practiced in some religions – it is based instead on spiritual energy. This being the case, it is possible for a skeptic to receive healing and benefit from it.

Spiritual healing can help people in many different ways – sometimes unexpected. Healing may completely cure someone – or may not, but may instead help them to deal with the condition they have and to become more positive. It is extremely rare for someone to receive healing and then report no improvement afterwards whatsoever, and indeed many people report that they feel a great deal better, often where other treatments have failed. Miraculous instantaneous cures are rare – but not unknown, and we should always be open to this possibility.

The King Technique

The method of energy healing used in The Aetherius Society has been named “The King Technique”. It is so straightforward that, together with a close study of either You Too Can Heal, or The Magic of Healing, it can be learnt in a workshop in a single day. The technique involves cleansing the patient’s aura and sending spiritual energy into some of their major chakras and the area of discomfort by visualization and physical contact.

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Seek medical advice

Spiritual healing is a complementary therapy, not an alternative therapy. This means that it is meant to be used in addition to appropriate conventional medical help, not instead of it.

The results of spiritual techniques as promoted on this website vary and cannot always be guaranteed. Recipients of spiritual healing of any kind (sometimes simply referred to as “healing”) – be it absent healing or contact healing or any other form of healing – should where necessary consult an appropriate qualified medical practitioner. The healing offered by The Aetherius Society is complementary healing and is not meant to replace conventional medical treatment. Results of healing vary and cannot always be guaranteed. Attenders at Aetherius Society events attend and take part at their own risk.