By the side of a living Spiritual Master

By the side of a living Spiritual Master

As featured on Aetherius Radio Live.

If you asked most people what it means to be spiritual, they may well tell you it’s about peace…

But Master of Yoga Dr George King had a completely different approach.

He was dynamic, intense and driven in his tireless work for humanity.

And, in fact, this intense, practical spiritual work to help humanity is one of the hallmarks of King Yoga today.

In this episode of Aetherius Radio Live, host Chrissie Blaze welcomes onto the show Brian Keneipp. Brian is the Executive Secretary for The Aetherius Society in America and was a personal aide to Dr King.

Brian shares some of his many profound experiences and the lessons he learned working by the side of Dr King for over a decade, including:

  • What it really means to be spiritual
  • What it was like working as a 22 year-old at the American Headquarters of The Aetherius Society – the Ashram of a true spiritual Master
  • What it was like to see Dr King working with extraterrestrial intelligences
  • The way that Dr King brought out the best in those around him

We hope you are inspired by this podcast. Please do not hesitate to leave us your comments below, or contact us directly, if you have any questions about the work that we do and how you can become a Friend of The Aetherius Society.

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  1. Elizabeth Trimble says:

    Truly a joy to listen to Brian sharing so many of his personal experiences with Dr King and how these, together with myriad associated experiences and practices, have shaped and empowered his life. This entire podcast inspires and encourages. Thank you so much.

  2. Paul Smith says:

    I know Dr King described what it was like to give a Cosmic Transmission in the Cosmic Voice issues and said that it was an extremely demanding endeavour every time He gave these. I was wondering if Special Power Transmissions were far more demanding than the ‘usual’ or more regular Cosmic Transmissions?

    • Hi Paul, Without a doubt – yes, but in a different way, and based on what I gather from various addresses – almost to the point of no return. In many cases a rejuvenation beam was used afterwards by MS6, or others, in order to remediate the resulting alteration and breakdown of the etheric body.



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