The Twelve Blessings – from Inner Peace to World Peace

Discover the beauty of inner peace – experience spiritual happiness, and feel the joy of lasting fulfilment!

The wisdom and practice of The Twelve Blessings will change your life and raise the consciousness of humanity as a whole.

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Channelling love energy is key to inner peace, and more importantly, to world peace. By allowing this power to flow through you, as you practise The Twelve Blessings, you will discover a satisfaction beyond all words. Your mind will be inspired – your soul will be empowered – and your heart will be illuminated by spiritual love.

Often it is necessary to sacrifice inner peace in order to help others. But, by the law of karma, ultimately this will lead to even greater inner peace – and even greater enlightenment.

The Twelve Blessings were given by the Master Jesus, an advanced cosmic intelligence – channelled by Dr. George King (1919-1997), a unique medium and spiritual master.

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