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UFO sighting forecasts

In the book, You Are Responsible, is an amazing chapter of UFO forecasts and confirmations. In 1956 and 1957 case after case was documented of forecasts given through Cosmic Transmissions received by Dr. George King, which would be confirmed by the media shortly afterwards.

Below we have reproduced this chapter in full:


Flying saucer operations and confirmations

Not only have the intelligences from Venus and Mars given of their masterly advice and wisdom in a logical and simple way to help man in his struggle for enlightenment, but they have proved their identity, scores of times in a very practical way. The following chapter is devoted to a few of the numerous flying saucer operation forecasts given to the public by these interplanetary intelligences and the confirmation of these forecasts.

Hundreds of people from all over the world have seen flying saucers on dates which were given previously, operating over the countries mentioned. No longer can these interplanetary contacts be laid at the door of the author’s imagination, for they have proved their authenticity beyond all possible doubt. A careful study of this chapter will illustrate this even to the most sceptical minded reader.

Although the object of this book was not to prove that flying saucers exist but to give their spiritual message to Earth, nevertheless hundreds of individuals from all walks of life, who have been acquainted with this phase of the author’s work, have immediately attached themselves to the ranks of the believers. Some, including scientists, doctors, clergymen, have even become extremely active on behalf of The Aetherius Society which was founded by the author because of the worldwide interest, which has been caused. These investigators soon saw, as will most readers of the book, that no other explanation for this phase of activity could be advanced, except that these confirmed flying saucer forecasts were given previously by the beings who man them.

Flying saucer operations

Sighting forecasts and confirmations

The following flying saucer operational forecasts were given by intelligences living on the planets – Mars and Venus. This information was picked up telepathically by the author in a yogic trance before public audiences.


“Flying Saucers will be operating on July 7th, 8th and 9th generally over the Antipodes. I feel that the vehicles you call Mother Ships should be seen over Australia and New Zealand during that time.”

That forecast was made by the Master Aetherius in the Caxton Hall, London, on June 30th, 1956.


The Sunday Telegraph, Sydney, July 8th, 1956


“An RAAF plane flew over North Sydney yesterday to investigate a report of two unidentified objects in the air. The pilot found no explanation for the sighting of the objects. The RAAF was acting on a report from Mr. Alan Light of Lloyd Avenue, Cremorne. Mr. Light had earlier told The Sunday Telegraph that he and other Cremorne residents sighted two unusual objects in the sky. Mr. Light was a radar equipment operator with the RAAF in World War II.

“‘The objects had a metallic appearance and gave off a bright light,’ he said. ‘They appeared between noon and 1pm about 2,000 feet up. They were almost stationary. The objects disappeared for about an hour but one reappeared again about 10 past 2. They were not aircraft, nor were they weather balloons, I’ve seen plenty of them.’”


September 3rd, 1956, was given as a day of intense flying saucer activity over the Australia and New Zealand areas.

This forecast was made by the Master Aetherius on August 25th at the Caxton Hall, London. The following confirmed story report appeared in Flying Saucers New Zealand December Issue.



“September 3rd, 1956. Witnessed by many observers, over a distance of 200 miles, a glowing object flying at a low level crossed Auckland heading north-west at 6.45pm on Monday, September 3rd. The most expert observers so far ascertained, were two Air Force Squadron Leaders, K.B. Smith and O. Staple. The officers were at 500 feet making a landing run into Whenuapai Air Force base when the glowing object crossed their path, disappearing to the north-west as their Hastings aircraft touched down. It was in sight for upwards of a half minute. First taken for a jet, Squadron Leader Smith said that they changed their minds quickly when the object revealed its terrific speed. It had a glowing half crescent shaped light in front and a more separated light trailing to the rear.

“‘This trailing light seemed to pulsate’, said Squadron Leader Staple. The pilots could not see the shape of the object between the lights. Your editor interviewed both officers, both of whom confirmed the press report and gave additional details. ‘The object was travelling a flat horizontal trajectory at an estimated height of 2,000 feet’ said the Squadron Leaders.

“‘We have not previously seen anything like it. It did not resemble shooting stars or meteors – we have seen plenty of those.’

“Your editor also interviewed Sgt. T.E. Cook, also of Whenuapai. Sgt. Cook, in company with two others, saw the object from their car whilst approaching the city on the new northern outlet highway.

“The object was cylindrical in shape, had a glowing light up front and was trailing a pinkish-blue flame-like light from the rear.”


On August 25th, 1956, at the Caxton Hall, London, the Master Aetherius gave September 17th to 22nd as days of flying saucer activities over all areas.


The Daily Telegraph, 21st September, 1956.

“An object, like an outsized star, radiating a brilliant white light was seen from the Hastings area last evening. The sun was still shining. The object was obscured by cloud for about 45 minutes. When the sky cleared it had disappeared, observers told the police. They said it was directly overhead. Two local RAF stations confirmed the reports. Spokesmen were unable to offer an explanation. Mr. H.F. Finch, a principal scientific officer at the Royal Observatory, Herstmonceux, said last night, ‘I watched the object through binoculars at Hailsham. It was probably a meteorological balloon. It was two to three miles up and was drifting slowly in a southerly direction. It appeared as a disc when seen through the binoculars and this is how a balloon appears. It appeared to have a bright band across the centre with bright circular patches on either side.’”


Empire News, 23rd September, 1956.

“Eight days after they thought they heard flying saucers thousands of Lincolnshire folk thought they saw one yesterday. High over Cleethorpes promenade a mystery sphere glittered in the blue sky. ‘It looked like a glass globe with something white inside,’ said an eye-witness. But a Meteorological Office spokesman at Manby RAF Station who studied the object said, ‘I don’t know what it is. It certainly is not a balloon from here.’ Eight days ago a mystery explosion rocked homes in the district.”


Sunday Times, 23rd September, 1956.

“A Flying Saucer was sighted both visually and by radar over Manby, Lincs., yesterday afternoon. The object was at 54,000 ft and remained apparently stationary for about an hour, though there was a wind of more than 40 mph at that height. Meteorologists reported it as having a diameter of 30 ft. Two fighter aircraft were sent up to investigate. When they arrived at the point where the object had been seen they found nothing, nor could it any longer be seen from the ground.”


Although Mars Sector 6 did not give the exact destination of the landing forecast on August 3rd, he did give us all a clue as to its eventual destination:

“The Great Masters of the Andes, the Masters who reside below Mount Shasta, certain Masters from the Himalayan areas of Tibet, certain Masters from the Darjeeling area, will be directly approached upon the dates mentioned by our agents. This will cause a re-orientation to be brought about in the expression of their knowledge of the truth which – in due course will be revealed to the thinking initiates, when they are ready.”

And again from the Master Aetherius on August 25th at the Caxton Hall two forthcoming landings were mentioned, namely September 17th and 18th.


The Evening News, Wednesday, 19th September, 1956, under the Heading “C.A.P.S. Andes Explorers Spot ‘Snowman’”, the following appeared:

“…A stranger story from another Indian village high up on Mount Macon tells of residents seeing a huge cigar-like ‘flying saucer’, which landed on a big ledge up in the Andes Mountains. The landing they said, was accompanied by earth rumblings and some landslides. The ‘cigar’ remained there a day and a night, then took off into space. At night-time it gave off a phosphorescent glow… Reuter.”

Not only did a landing take place in the Andes as forecast, but this was also reported in the press. The Master Aetherius when he spoke of the landing stated: “We know of the press control, but certain plans have been put into operation to break this unjust barrier.”

Such an uncanny forecast should cause a re-orientation of belief in even the most sceptical mind.


The Master Aetherius gave November 10th to 19th , 1956, as very important for flying saucer activity over New York, Chicago, North America and Canada.


Flying Saucer Review, Jan-Feb 1957 reports: “UFOs were being reported almost hourly, night and day, for a period of 25 days from November 8th until December 2nd, over South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota. This represents the greatest concentration of UFOs since 1952! The peak day was Friday, November 18th. From early morning until late that night, sightings came in from towns in South Dakota and Minnesota describing objects over those areas.”


January 15th, 1957 was given as a date of flying saucer activity over general London areas at about 7.30pm by Mars Sector 6 at the Caxton Hall on January 12th.


The following confirmatory report appeared in the Daily Sketch on January 16th.

“The riddle of five brilliant saucers of light hovering over Ewell, Surrey, was being probed last night by the Air Ministry. Mrs. Ann Harper, a nurse, said, ‘They hovered silently for two minutes, then suddenly gained height and hurtled out of sight.’ Air Ministry comment: ‘No aircraft were over the area.’”


On Whit Monday, 1956 Mars Sector 6 – reported that magnetic clouds were moving through the atmosphere towards Australia. Soon after this astounding revelation, the whole world was startled by the news release that a gigantic radio-active cloud was dangerously near the Australian coastline.

Mr. Fred Stone, President of the Australian Flying Saucer Research Society, stated in a personal letter: – “My heart sorrowed as I read on page 26 of Cosmic Voice the reference to my own dear land. Yet this is but confirmation of what we had received in previous revelations!”

This statement of Mars was soon proved to the whole world.

On Sunday, March 17th, 1957, at 11.10pm Mars Sector 6 and Mars Sector 8, transmitted an appeal to Earth to stop H-Bomb tests. In this message, these highly evolved intelligences warned of the grave dangers of the proposed hydrogen tests, on the Christmas Islands.

In the words of Mars Sector 6, “This message is being translated into several different languages and we are impressing the minds of certain scientists at this moment, even as this message is being received and translated into English. Whether or not these people take notice of the more subtle types of impression, they are at the moment receiving, is up to them. To do more than this, would be to use a force uncommon to our natures.”

(See Cosmic Voice, Special Supplement, Issue No. 10)


On April 13th, 1957, eighteen top German scientists – led by 78-year-old Otto Hahn, a pioneer of nuclear fission, said to Chancellor Adenauer: “We refuse to take any part whatsoever in making, testing or firing atomic weapons.”

This courageous action was followed some months later by 2,000 top American scientists, who sent a declaration of their refusal to take part in atomic experiments, to President Eisenhower.

Leading scientists in Europe and the British Isles also made their protests against atomic experimentation known publicly. Some did listen and were brave enough to act upon the dictates of their conscience!


On Sunday May 19th, 1957, at about midday, during a Power Circle on Leith Hill, Surrey, England, a Transmission was received from Satellite 216 and Mars Sector 8. The intelligences from Mars gave forecasts of coming spacecraft over Australia and made the following comments:

“The Satellite 216 is now in orbit 800 miles from Terra. This Satellite will come into closer orbit of your planet. Your observer teams should be on the alert this evening, if you would see certain of the vehicles released by this carrier vessel.

“The radio-activity over Australia is some 25 times that of normal.”

This Transmission was heard by 39 witnesses.


Flying Saucer Review July/August carried a leading article on the amazing sightings over Australia, extracts of which appear below:


“An unidentified flaming object flew across the State of Victoria, Australia, on the evening of May 19th and was seen by thousands of people. Telephone switchboards at Melbourne’s weather bureau, police headquarters, airline and newspaper offices were jammed with calls from 5.45pm until 8.00pm. It is estimated that over 23,000 sighting reports of the object came in.

“Times given of its sighting at places hundreds of miles apart suggest its speed at nearly 2,000 miles per hour. Reports describe the object as being silver in colour leaving a white or blue vapour trail in the night sky. Its height was well over 40,000 feet.

“The range superintendent of Woomera Rocket Range, Captain Newman, said there was no connection with Woomera.

“Melbourne Weather Bureau officials saw the vapour trail and discounted the possibility of a meteorite.

Flying Saucer Review goes on to say that many airline pilots saw the object. Observers said that it emitted large puffs of vapour at irregular intervals.

“Radio Australia broadcast a long report, nearly 500 words, about this sensational sighting. The BBC considered it of sufficient importance to include it in their 10pm news bulletin on the Light Programme that evening.

The article continues by expressing surprise that this full story did not appear in the London newspapers next morning. “There are no orders not to print anything in peacetime, NO ORDERS. However there are occasions when editors are ‘requested’ not to write about this or that. No actual order is given. It is just a written request from a certain government committee. Flying Saucer Review is aware that such a body exists and knows its name and address.

“It is too much of a coincidence that not one of the London dailies carried the most sensational and widely seen UFO sighting on record.

“Maybe it was considered in ‘the national interest’ to preserve calm by ‘killing’ the story.”


Thousands of miles away from Australia, 39 people listened to a message from the very people who had launched this flying saucer, perhaps even as it was skimming over other parts of Australia and the Tasman Sea and Puerto Rico where it was also seen by a Pan American Airways pilot. I am of the firm opinion that this particular vehicle was engaged in clearing away radio-activity from over Australia.

Since the August/September Issue of Cosmic Voice (see pages 15 and 16 Issue 11) further confirmatory reports have come in which together prove the undoubted authenticity of the source of this space contact.

SPECIAL NOTE: Since the Master Aetherius and Mars Sector 6 first started to give forecasts of future flying saucer activities, literally hundreds of people from different countries have seen these vessels, over the places, on the dates mentioned. Thus has Cosmic Voice the privilege of creating an astounding precedent in the world of flying saucer literature. We can truthfully claim that on dozens of occasions, we have been able to publish next week’s flying saucer news, today. This has caused some of our sceptical readers such a mental re-orientation that they have now become active on behalf of The Aetherius Society. Slowly, but as surely as grind the Mills of God, these interplanetary communicators are proving themselves to interested open-minded researchers, who have the courage to build their opinions on the framework of greater logic.