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Communism overthrown in Russia

The world was astounded in the late 1980s when the communistic regime of Russia collapsed, heralding the dawning of a new era of democratic reform. This was prophesied in a Transmission through Dr. King by the Master Aetherius in the late 1950s at a time when few would have imagined such a drastic political transformation possible.

The Transmission stated:

Communism as practiced in Russia and by her satellites will be overthrown. It is to be hoped very much that this will not lead to a blood-bath, because that is not in any way essential…

…Communism as known upon Terra (i.e. Earth) at the moment, is now tottering upon the brink of its own destruction. A destruction which will come from within itself to destroy this system. This – despite the apparent scientific supremacy of this country…

Indeed will the masses rise against their oppressors!

The Master Aetherius, February 11th, 1958 (extract from Cosmic Voice, Issue 15)