UFO seen over Chernobyl

The following account is adapted from The Aetherius Society Newsletter, Volume 12, Issue 1 – Summer 2003:

A UFO was seen above the doomed Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in the former USSR, when it exploded in 1986. Sensational new revelations from the Russian journal Pravda throw dramatic light on claims The Aetherius Society has been making ever since – that intervention by extraterrestrials prevented the catastrophe being far, far worse.

Four hours and 53 minutes before an explosion ripped the roof off the building, Dr. George King received word from the Martian spacecraft, Satellite Number Three, that a world emergency was imminent. He was instructed to activate the Spiritual Energy Radiators in London and Los Angeles and an unprecedented series of Emergency Runs ensued, lasting four days. Only as they were ending did news of what had happened begin to emerge from the intensely secretive communist empire.

The explosion was huge but luckily, as it seemed, it was a thermal blast, not a nuclear explosion. The fourth power generating unit was in ruins, destroyed by overheated steam. Some 180 tons of enriched uranium had been in the reactor. If a nuclear blast had happened half of Europe would have disappeared from our maps.

Within two years accounts began to circulate indicating that something more than luck had been at work. Pravda has now revealed that a UFO was seen by hundreds of people hovering above the plant for some six hours around the time of the explosion. According to eyewitness Mikhail Valisky, “We saw a ball of fire, and it was slowly flying in the sky. I think the ball was six or eight meters in diameter. Then we saw two rays of crimson light stretching towards the fourth unit. The object was some 300 meters from the reactor. The event lasted for about three minutes. The lights of the object went out and it flew away in the north-western direction”.

According to Pravda, “The UFO brought the radiation level down. The level was decreased almost four times. This probably prevented a nuclear blast.”

In the words of Pravda, “It seems that aliens are….basically worried about the planet’s environment.”

The Cosmic Masters, speaking through Dr. George King, have always said that they put the safety of the planet first and that of mankind second. They have always regarded nuclear experimentation as the greatest threat to humanity and have made it clear that they would intervene where they were karmically allowed.

* * *

Half of Europe was ‘saved by a UFO’

The Russian news agency Pravda has suggested that extraterrestrials played a part in saving Europe from calamity in 1986. So just what happened when a nuclear reactor blew?

In his hotel room in Wahweap Lodge, at 8.30am Los Angeles time, Dr. King was preparing to set out upon the waters of Lake Powell for the start of a Phase of The Saturn Mission. Suddenly, out of the blue, came instructions from his contacts on the Martian Satellite Number Three: the Los Angeles Spiritual energy Radiator was to begin emergency releases of spiritual energy, the first in 30 minutes’ time.

A world emergency had begun. Dr. King rang the Los Angeles Headquarters and its Spiritual Energy Radiators went into action. Yet, despite the gravity of the situation, no one, possibly not even Dr. King, knew what was going on.

Halfway around the word, technicians at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station in the Ukraine certainly did not know. They were shutting Reactor No. 4 down for repair. They had devised a series of incompetently arranged experiments. Their disastrous plan would turn off the reactor’s emergency cooling system while an official, who knew nothing of their plans, would refuse to allow the reactor to close down. Catastrophe was certain: it was only a case of how terrible it would be.

As the night went on in the Ukraine, nuclear technicians may have been sleep-walking to disaster, but it would seem that other forces were well prepared: for the last month local aircraft pilots had been reporting increased UFO activity around Chernobyl.

At 1.23am Moscow time on 26th April 1986, events reached their deadly climax. A tremendous explosion blew the roof and upper walls off the building housing Reactor Number 4. It was the worst nuclear reactor disaster in history. The output of radioactive matter was equal to 500 of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. 500,000 square km of Ukrainian territory were polluted. Winds would carry contamination as far west as Wales.

Fortunately four hours and 23 minutes earlier, Satellite Number Three had begun its counterblast.

* * *

Chernobyl was the largest nuclear site in the Soviet Union. Consisting of four 1000 megawatt reactors, built to a design never attempted outside the USSR, electricity was just a sideline: the real business of Chernobyl was plutonium production to power the communist empire’s nuclear weapons programme – the centrepiece of its Cold War with the West. Intended for just 30 years of use, peculiarities in its design made it dangerously unstable when operating at low power. Reactors 3 and 4 had been built just a few years earlier to perilously lax standards. In February 1979 the head of the KGB himself, Yuri Andropov, had produced a memo voicing grave concern at the standards of their construction. At the time of the tragedy two more reactors were being built to reduce dependence on the declining Soviet oil output. The devastating explosion brought these plans to a shuddering halt.

It is hard to imagine the chaos. The roof of No. 4 Reactor had collapsed. No. 3’s was on fire and the other two operational reactors were in danger. Fire was spreading through the plant via inflammable plastic sheathing on electric cables.

In the USSR decisive action on the ground was discouraged – all power came from above. But there was no shortage of heroism. Fifteen men of the ludicrously under-equipped local fire brigade realised that the fire was too fierce to put out and concentrated on stopping it spreading. Their leader telephoned Kiev for help. Kiev was 75 miles away and help took a painfully long time to come. He and his small team would all die from radiation received fire fighting, in some cases twenty times the lethal dose. Even doctors treating them would develop radiation sickness.

For a month local aircraft pilots had been reporting increased UFO activity around Chernobyl.

In Pripyat, two and a half miles away, locals admired the ruddy glow over the top of the reactor. One man announced that he had never seen anything like it – and he had developed a deep tan in no time at all. It was a nuclear tan: a few hours later he was taken away in an ambulance convulsed with uncontrolled vomiting.

Three hours into the disaster: a team of nuclear technicians measured the radiation at 3000 milliroentgens per hour. Then they looked up. In the sky above was a ‘fiery ball of the colour of brass’. They estimated its diameter at six to eight metres and its distance from the burning reactor as 300 meters. “Suddenly”, said one, “two bright rays of crimson colour extended from the ball to the reactor …This lasted for some 3 minutes…The rays abruptly faded and the ball slowly floated away in a north-westerly direction, toward Byelorussia. Then we again looked at our radiation monitor. It displayed only 800 milliroentgens per hour”.

If this account is true then the UFO had, as Pravda said later, dramatically reduced the fallout. Was a UFO responsible for what scientific opinion regards as a ‘lucky break’, one that saved half of Europe from the devastating effects of a nuclear blast?

* * *

It was five hours before central government in Moscow knew about the disaster, when it was clear that firemen could not extinguish the fire. The next day the government ordered in the Soviet Army. Military helicopters dropped boron, to absorb neutrons, and lead, sand and clay to kill the fire that water could not put out. 5,000 tons were dropped. It would take nine days to win the battle.

Something else was coming down on Chernobyl and, with it, the rest of the world – the dead hand of paranoia and secrecy. A news blackout descended. The USSR believed that it could pretend that nothing had happened, just as it had done after the Ural Mountains disaster 28 years before.

A full 36 hours after the explosion, Pripyat was evacuated, its laundry left fluttering in the breeze, never to be taken in – a modern day Pompeii, a time capsule recording a life that suddenly just stopped.

* * *

The explosion had sent a massive radioactive cloud up into the atmosphere. It went so high that instruments could not detect it. On northwest winds it finally descended. The alarm finally rang when, on the 28th, workers at a nuclear plant in Sweden were found to be contaminated. The world turned on the Soviet Union, outraged at its silence and demanding to know the truth. The ‘free world’ was angry and frightened, but even Soviet authorities did not know the scale of the tragedy. Moreover, they did not want to tell their long-time enemy, the West, anything that might compromise military security.

Dr. King’s extraterrestrial contacts, though, had known all along and had acted, as far as the Law of Karma would allow. On the 28th, as news was leaking out, the unprecedented series of Emergency Runs ended.

* * *

For people of the Ukraine the story was only beginning. 135,000 people living within a 30km radius of the site were evacuated from their homes. In 1986-1987, according to Pravda, about 600,000 people participated in the clear-up. 200,000 of them, who were involved earlier than the rest, got higher doses of radiation. They will need specialised medical assistance throughout the rest of their lives. About 3,000 ‘liquidators’, those who worked to counter the effects of the explosion, died. The other three reactors closed down for a long time. A further 210,000 people were resettled and the initial exclusion zone of 2,800 square kilometres was extended to 4,300 square kilometres.

There was a threat to the water supply of almost one third of the Ukraine. If the Soviet government had used western safety standards, in 1986 the agricultural produce of about half of Byelorussia and a third of the Ukraine would have been judged unsuitable for human consumption. The Dnieper and Pripyat rivers spread the pollution and are still doing so.

The United Nations calculates the death toll caused by the disaster at fifteen to thirty thousand. A quarter of children born near Chernobyl have birth defects.

Today Chernobyl sits in the middle of an exclusion zone whose perimeter is 214km long. Around it lie thousands of armoured personnel carriers, helicopters and other vehicles, used in the emergency, all of them too radioactive to approach. Nearby Pripyat, formerly home to 47,500 people, is a ghost town, its apartment blocks, schools, kindergartens and offices just as they were when its inhabitants moved out. The power station and the area around it are still radioactive. In the neighbouring state of Byelorussia, over two million people, one in five, live in a contaminated area. In the worst affected regions the death rate exceeds the birth rate by 20%.

* * *

So, is it surprising that extraterrestrial interest seems to have continued? In September 1989 the doomed Reactor No. 4, now covered by its ‘sarcophagus’, a lid on more than two million curies of radiation, emitted some into the atmosphere. Several hours later a doctor saw an object in the sky above the nuclear plant. Dr. Gospina described it as ‘amber-like’. She said she could see its top and bottom.

Then, a year later, in October 1990, a local newspaper reporter was photographing the machine shop of the Chernobyl plant: “I photographed the top of it, including a part of the hole on top. I remember everything very well; I did not see any UFO. However, when I developed the film I clearly saw an object that was hovering above the hole in the roof”. The object looked like the one Dr. Gospina had seen.

The Lord of Karma, Mars Sector 6, said in the 1950s, “Atomic experimentation and all types of radioactive experimentation, even for medical purposes, should immediately be abolished”. The Cosmic Master, Mars Sector 8, stated, “Atomic radiation of all kinds is extremely dangerous to life of all kinds”.

* * *

Humanity had ignored these words of wisdom and is now living with the consequences.

In 2002, on the 16th anniversary of the disaster, Professor Dimitri Hrodzynskyy, who heads the Ukrainian Government’s commission on radiation security, told the Izvestia newspaper that 24% of babies now born near Chernobyl have birth defects, and that thyroid cancer in local children is now 1,000 times more likely than before the disaster. Even more worryingly, concrete poured over the ruins to create a ‘sarcophagus’ is now cracking, hundreds of tons of fuel inside are starting to heat up, radioactive dust is escaping and increased levels of radiation are being measured around the outside of the tomb.

* * *

What would the legacy of Chernobyl have been without the intervention of our extraterrestrial friends? The answer is that we will never know – and we should be thankful that we never will. Conventional ‘wisdom’ among nuclear scientists has long maintained that 5%, or even less, of the materials making up the core of the reactor were released – but for this, the disaster could have been much worse. However, local investigators have put this figure at 80% – hundreds of tons of highly radioactive materials thrust into the biosphere of Earth, a release of such enormity that it would affect every single inhabitant of the planet. No wonder extraterrestial intervention was demanded.

Tens of thousands of prayer hours of energy went out to the world through The Aetherius Society’s Spiritual Energy Radiators during the hours following the disaster, a time when the rest of the world went about its business in blissful ignorance. What would have happened without that energy? Dr. King’s opinion, expressed repeatedly, was that such intervention, limited though it might be, was crucial in manipulating the balance of karma, so that Higher Powers could act. The ‘lucky break’ at Chernobyl that prevented a thermal blast becoming a nuclear blast may only have been possible because of karmic intervention by Higher Powers, using their terrestrial ‘karmic machinery’.


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