UK Pilgrimages 2020

We warmly invite you to join us for a wonderful experience on one or more of these pilgrimages, during which we will send healing energy to the world using mantra and the potent mystic prayer practice of The Twelve Blessings.

Saturday 25 July – Operation Prayer Power pilgrimage


With an elevation of 1,140 feet, this mountain is easily accessible by all people and the summit can be reached in about 20 minutes from the car park below. Operation Prayer Power is a Cosmic Mission devised by Dr. King in the early 1970s, in which spiritual power is invoked through prayer and mantra and directed into a specially designed physical container for later release. This pilgrimage will be followed by a social at a nearby venue. Nearest Town: Combe Martin.

Monday 23 November

BROWN WILLY, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

Set in the mysterious area of Bodmin Moor, this mountain rises to a height of 1,377 feet and is easily accessible to most people. It takes about 1½  hours to reach the charged spot. This pilgrimage is to commemorate the giving of The Lord’s Declaration through Dr. George King, on this mountain on this date in 1958, when a great cosmic intelligence revealed the coming of the next World Avatar who will present himself openly and in full view to all people on Earth, thus making this place forever holy ground. Nearest Town: Camelford.

To register your attendance and request further information, contact –
The Aetherius Society, 757 Fulham Road, London SW6 5UU
Tel: 020 7736 4187
Email: [email protected]

 Mountains are potentially very dangerous places. We recommend that if you have a long distance to travel, you arrive the day prior to a morning pilgrimage at suitable local accommodation so as to have a good night’s rest before climbing the mountain on the following day. We strongly suggest having a good breakfast and drinking plenty of fluids before climbing. You should be well prepared for sudden changes in the weather – wear mountain boots, and carry both warm and waterproof clothing. A hat, sun block, energy bars and water are all basic essentials but requirements will vary depending on the mountain and weather conditions. Always make sure you inform someone of your plans and the time you are expecting to return.

You should not attempt a mountain climb which exceeds your level of fitness or health. If you are unable to climb to the charged spot on a particular mountain you can still do a tremendous amount of good from whatever point you reach.

IMPORTANT: All pilgrims should inform us in advance which holy mountain(s) they plan to climb. Please note that all pilgrims take part in these pilgrimages at their own risk.

The Aetherius Society does not charge for participation in any of these pilgrimages, but donations are greatly appreciated to help cover the costs of organising these very special events.