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Editions of The Aetherius Society Newsletter from 1961-1980, and Cosmic Voice from 1980-1997 (of which there are a total of 346) are available in PDF format for online purchase for Members of The Aetherius only. These contain Cosmic Transmissions, the wisdom of Dr. George King and a detailed history of the Society’s Missions and many other key spiritual happenings on this planet and beyond. Often several issues were published together in one edition, and several editions were produced each year. All the editions/issues in a year are generally referred to as a volume.

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All 346 editions described above on a single CD – Members only

Members purchasing all 346 editions of The Aetherius Society Newsletter from 1961-1980 and Cosmic Voice from 1980-1997 in PDF format will be sent a CD by post.

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Issues 1-26 on CD

Issues 1-26 of Cosmic Voice, which date from 1955 to 1962, are available in PDF format on a single CD which will be sent to you by post. These issues contain priceless jewels of wisdom from Dr. George King, numerous Transmissions, detailed accounts of the trials and triumphs of Operation Starlight – and more. As such they are far more than just a historical record of the early years of the Society – they are the living teachings of the Masters to bring lasting change to the hearts and minds of all who are privileged to read them. The price of this CD is US$30 / £20 plus shipping/P&P.

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