Programme of Talks and Workshops in and around Barnsley

All events (unless otherwise specified) are held at the following address:

The Aetherius Temple – Northern UK Branch
350 Sheffield Road

South Yorkshire S70 5TU
For information and bookings, please contact:
Tel: 01226 744659 or email: [email protected]



KING YOGA PRACTICE SESSIONS – Spiritual Skills for Life
Fortnightly Wednesdays 7.30PM
The Aetherius Temple – Northern UK Branch, 350 Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley S70 5TU
Suggested donation of £5 which will include light refreshments.

Take your spiritual development to a deeper level! Join other seekers to develop your psychic and spiritual abilites with regular group spiritual practice (including visualisation, prayer, mantra, yoga breathing, mindfulness), build friendships, study, and discuss King Yoga with others so that you can become a powerful lightworker! Open to anyone with a copy of the book Realize Your Inner Potentialwhich can be purchased before-hand or on the day. Please bring this mandatory book along with you to the practice sessions.

BOOK ONLINE OR call 01226 744659 OR email [email protected]


Saturday 9 December, 2.15pm, £5
The Aetherius Temple – Northern UK Branch, 350 Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley S70 5TU

In this fascinating and controversial event, you will discover the real mystical nature of the great intelligence we know as the Master Jesus.

Jesus was not the so-called “one and only son of God”, but was – and is – a highly evolved Spiritual Master who came to Earth from a higher vibratory plane of another planet, as did Buddha, Sri Krishna, Confucius and other Divine teachers throughout the ages.

His teaching 2000 years ago was the way to God through love and service. His modern teaching for the New Age, as given through the unique mediumship of Dr. George King, adds a consciousness-shifting vision of the cosmos and our place within it. He has stripped away the dogma that has crept into so-called Christianity, and teaches us how we can find enlightenment and truly help humanity to evolve – the most important thing any of us can do.

Get ready to expand your horizons and challenge your beliefs. For anyone with a curiosity about the cosmos and spirituality, this is an event you won’t want to miss!

Each of our King Yoga Experience events includes spiritual practices, cosmic wisdom, group discussion and a social with light refreshments afterwards so that you can connect with other like-minded people.

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Do you want to take your spiritual development to a deeper level? We warmly invite you to join our online community – Awakening through King Yoga, which is open to anyone who has a copy of the book Realize Your Inner Potential. Discover the spiritual development practices taught by Master of Yoga Dr George King with seekers from around the world! Visit: aetherius.org/awakening