The Aetherius Society

Get answers to life’s biggest questions about things like karma, the nature of God, life after death and even extraterrestrial life.

"I always realized we were here for something greater. I just couldn't put my finger on it. I thought it was materialism but that was just my ego. When I started to internalize the path to enlightenment, and the works of Dr. George King I knew this was it… I want to thank you with every fiber of my being. The path to enlightenment is everything my soul has ever desired from life."

– Richard, USA

“I’ve found reading these emails has made a lot more sense to me than most things in life with regard to “what’s the point” of life... I’m finding reading and listening to the society’s history extremely interesting and there is a spark that is growing inside me spiritually that burns more brightly daily. Thank you for the opportunity to access the wonderful information that is made available...”

– Christian, UK

"I am forever grateful to learn the truth – nothing but the truth – from Dr. George King."

– Sonia, USA

"I would like to thank you for the great email series. It was unbelievable to learn so much from the great man Dr. George King..."

– Jerry, USA

"Can I just say how interesting it has been reading the Aetherius emails this week, and learning about things I had never thought about. My view of creation has changed completely and I wonder about any lives we may have had and how we may have lived them... I look forward to the emails each and every day and read them continuously. Many thanks."

– Ken, UK

"All of the teachings resonate with my beliefs and focus... I’ve been searching and studying many different paths for TRUTH, and take comfort in knowing I have found it… I get the most joy out of helping others in any way I can, but mostly when I can help someone find enlightenment... I firmly believe the only way out of the darkness our planet is experiencing at this time is to send love and compassion out to the universe."

– Renee, USA

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the 17-day series you shared. It is an excellent introduction for those taking their first tentative steps... I love by the way, the term 'spiritual pioneers.'"

– Marlene, UK

"I'm so glad I've found The Aetherius Society as it has a sense of 'coming home'.... I have started to become more spiritually aware and I have now reached the point where I want to find a deeper level of spirituality. I know my purpose here is to serve and I am happy that I can do this in so many ways..."

– Jill, UK