This Is The Hour of Truth


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This is the Hour of Truth – A vital message from an Interplanetary Master to all New Age workers

By Dr. George King

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This is a Cosmic Transmission given by The Master Aetherius focusing on spiritual ecology and humankind’s debt to the Mother Earth – focusing on a spiritual Mission called Operation Bluewater performed by Dr. George King with the assistance of a small dedicated team in the 1960s.

Booklet; 9 pages.

Recommended to the more advanced metaphysical student who is already familiar with Dr. George King’s space contacts.


From page 2

In this magnificent message, the Master Aetherius reminds us all a little of what we owe to the great and mighty Earth, which we think so little of. He asks mankind some very embarrassing questions. Questions which must haunt those who are sensitive enough to listen to the promptings of their Higher Selves.

“How many times did you ask Her permission before you started to alter the flow of the rivers? Before you started to tap the resources of Her in order to gain greater power, greater financial wealth, more comfort? Did you ask before you took your filthy derricks into the coastal seas? How many of you asked before you even built your own homes?</ “The Truth is coming home is it not? It's coming home to haunt you— now.” The Master Aetherius, great Enlightened Being from beyond Earth, makes this statement regarding the Planet on which we all absolutely depend:

“Whenever She chooses She can release the Powers within Her inner batteries and quicken all vibrations upon Her surface, and change the seasons, alter the mountains, move the seas into different positions because they suit Her better in different positions.”

Aetherius also goes on to remind us that the Mother Earth, with compassion beyond the understanding of any of us, may not choose to make these decisions Herself, but will, sometime in the future, receive a Directive to make such changes as are necessary before She takes a higher place in the Heavens. It must be remembered that things are very different now than they were prior to the Initiation of Earth. Prior to this staggering event, the Earth was allowed to hold up Her progress, to hold down the rate of Her vibrations so that mankind would be able to live upon Her surface to gain experience.

From pages 4-5

“Now, I will deal with the significance of Operation Bluewater. For thousands of years, man has reaped the fruits of a great and mighty Goddess. He has been given shelter within the protective Aura of Her. Despite his vandalism, despite his Karma, She has protected the microbe called—man throughout many centuries. There was a time when, just after the fall of Atlantis, the Lords approached and asked this great Goddess to accept Her Initiation. She refused after looking at your pitiful plight. She refused, knowing that you would be scattered to the winds. You would be thrown into an etheric vortex which would end up on an obscure realm and there it would take you thousands of years to gain sufficient experience to be able to come on to a realm where you could be protected. There was a time when She was passing through a great magnetic turbulence. This magnetic turbulence strengthened Her Aura because of its vibratory pattern. But She looked at the human ‘germs’ upon Her great Body and forsook the bliss of these vibrations, turned away from ecstasy beyond your puny realizations, so that you could be further protected, further nourished, given greater experience, given a chance to gain deeper Enlightenment. Even when, as oftimes you did, you scored Her Body with wounds, She still put up with you. A demonstration of Divine tolerance if ever you want one. A demonstration of great Spirituality, of humility beyond the conception of even the greatest among you.”