Realise Your Inner Potential (DVD)


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Realise Your Inner Potential DVD

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Realise Your Inner Potential is a course in spiritual living. Presented by internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher Richard Lawrence, and illustrated with stunning special effects, it will help you to discover a new life of lasting fulfilment.

  • How to change your karma for the better
  • Mantra – the ancient science of sacred sound
  • Ways to send energy to others for healing, fulfilment and guidance
  • Techniques for personal magnetism
  • Power breathing for health, energy and heightened consciousness
  • How to find inner peace
  • The mighty inner power of kundalini
  • Developing the force of concentration
  • Mystic visualisations to expand your mind
  • Unleashing the inner power of intuition

This DVD was inspired by Dr. King, on whose teachings it is based. His down-to-earth approach to spiritual concepts – only possible because he had mastered the things he taught – is immediate and timeless, the hallmark of the truly enlightened Adept.

This DVD is available in two formats: PAL (for UK) and NTSC (for USA). You will receive the version according to the currency you purchase it in. If you are uncertain which format will work in your region, please contact us.

“King was one of the great spiritual  teachers of the twentieth century.” Time Out

This DVD is also available as part of a special offer that includes the book.