Operation Space Magic


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Operation Space Magic

By Dr. George King

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OPERATION SPACE MAGIC—THE COSMIC CONNECTION gives scientific information, in a most unique manner, about one of the most ambitious space projects ever undertaken for the benefit of mankind.

The author, George King, Ph.D., D.Litt., is a Western Master of Yoga who has been in communication with interplanetary intelligences since 1954. Because of his unique abilities he has been designated as—“Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel” and has, since the first Contact in 1954, received more than 600 Cosmic Transmissions. He was given the responsibility of being the annalist to report this ambitious space programme.

Between March 5th and March 9th, 1980, six interplanetary intelligences, who have volunteered their services to help mankind in his hour of desperate need, placed specially tuned modules on four planets in the Solar System—Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Neptune. On January 23rd, 1981, they put into orbit of Earth a satellite, specially tuned into these modules, which could be used as a reception and relay station for spiritual energies coming directly from these Planets. These spiritual energies can, when needed, be used in Special Power Manipulations for the benefit of all terrestrial life.

The predetermined life expectancy of this Mission is 1,000+ terrene years! This Operation took over six years of most careful planning coupled with the knowledge and application of sciences above the capabilities of terrestrials.

OPERATION SPACE MAGIC—THE COSMIC CONNECTION gives a description of the major points of this operation in such a way that the average reader can readily understand them.

This book is a major breakthrough in the annals of applied physical and occult sciences. The author, working in strict liaison with the Interplanetary Confederation, has been allowed to make scientific revelations which have never been printed before.

OPERATION SPACE MAGIC—THE COSMIC CONNECTION opens the door for a glimpse of the way in which mankind, in his hour of desperate need, is being helped by greater powers, and also it gives an idea of the only correct use of science and space flight—THAT TO SERVE ALL MEN!

Book; 96 pages.