Join Your Ship


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Join Your Ship

By Dr. George King

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This series of Cosmic Transmissions given by Mars Sector 6 and The Master Aetherius through the mediumship of Dr. George King is a rousing call to spiritual action – advising us all to “join our ship” – a metaphor for choosing a truly effective spiritual path and standing firm once we have made our choice.

Booklet; 15 pages.

Recommended to anyone seeking spiritual resolve, determination and renewal.


From pages 5-6:

More than ever before is it necessary for Spiritual workers to stand up and be counted.

The fence-sitters no longer belong in this age.

Those who do not want to commit themselves by serving a Spiritual organization for the benefit of mankind and themselves are more old-fashioned nowadays than the horse and buggy and not nearly as useful.

A Primary Initiation has been given to Earth.

The results of this you will know by carefully studying every word in the following Transmission.

The results will be good if you take the advice which is given herein.
 It is as the Mighty Cosmic Flame, the Great Manipulator — Mars Sector 6 states in the end of these Transmissions: “If you ask God for anything then ask that you might be filled with Power and Light so that you might go out into your world and dispense this. Against this all other petitions to a Supreme Source are small indeed.”

These are mighty words. This indeed is advice which has never ever been bettered. Advice which all of you can take if you are willing to coordinate your efforts in the right direction. The day of the isolationist is finished whether we like it or not. The day of the brave Spiritual worker who is willing to cooperate with a proven Spiritual organization is now upon us. If you would take the advice of Mars Sector 6, if you would manipulate your own Karma, if you would help and protect yourself from any conditions which may arise and also help and protect the world as a whole, you would now prepare by availing yourself of the right teachings and at the same time become an active worker for good in this world.

You will never do this effectively alone.

You will only do this really and truly effectively if you take the advice of the great Masters and — JOIN YOUR SHIP — NOW!

From page 11:

We are revealing these things to you now so that those who can think, do so. So that those who, like many of you, are floating about in the winds of indecision, make BOLD your decision to JOIN YOUR CHOSEN SHIP to make the journey over the rough seas, so that, when you are aboard this chosen ship, you may receive the Truth which will eventually set you free from limitation, so that you may take your rightful place in the world and so guide others who are heading for the rocks of involution. This is your duty.

Let me make this plain please, and I now speak to humanitarians and students of Truth: If you devote your life in the Service of mankind, if you devote your life to the Masters so that you may be used as a tool to help mankind, you are only performing your ordinary duty. You are not being kind. Such an action as this is purely your duty before yourself, your soul, your Spirit and your Maker. My reasons for stressing this point are that, many of you have spoiled your efforts in the past, by bringing your own petty personality into your Spiritual work in such a way that you have spent more time looking for praise than working in the right manner. Such a thing has spoiled you, because many times have your hearts been examined and found to be wonderful indeed. So therefore, now is the time to BOARD YOUR SHIP. To make your passage over rough seas. No matter how rough the seas become, if you all are shipmates together, then rough or not, you will never be kept from your Spiritual port. No matter what adversity comes against you, you will reach your Spiritual destination, despite, and because of, such adversity.