Jesus Comes Again


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Jesus Comes Again – A physical meeting with The Master Jesus

By Dr. George King

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In 1958 The Master Jesus, who is a Cosmic Avatar from another planet, physically appeared on a small mountain in North Devon. This was the beginning of Operation Starlight – a three-year Mission during which 19 mountains around the world were charged with spiritual energy by elevated Cosmic Intelligences and Ascended Masters, making these places forever holy.

Booklet; 35 pages.

Recommended to all those spiritual seekers looking for a true understanding and appreciation of the great being known as The Master Jesus.


From pages 15-16

As I walked quickly down the lane leading off to my left, a thousand different thoughts played through the caverns of my now active, even though somewhat limited, mind. One mental utterance of the Martian Adept stood out prominently:

“One Whose strength has, in the past, come from Those He met upon the hills.”

At last the meaning dawned on me. I knew the identity of my next Contact!

A cold perspiration formed in tiny beads upon my forehead. I took one sweeping and dissatisfied mental look at my past and wondered then, why such a Holy Being as He Whom I was due to meet, should ever trouble any further with we mere mortals.

“But then,” I thought, “the very essence of His Mission was to be one of sacrifice to humanity.”

I stopped my reminiscence and started to repeat a sacred Sanskrit Mantra which had been given to me by a Master of Yoga some years ago. I continued this repetition until I came upon a gap in a stone wall which gave entry to a rough track leading to my objective. I had never been to this place before, but just as the Master from Mars had stated, it was a rough track which I found later led to a high place.

I began to climb slowly. The sharp stones and uneven ground made it hard going. The Moon was now low down upon the horizon and obscured by dark clouds. As I climbed steadily higher, the temperature dropped considerably; the light breeze freshened to a wind. On the top of the hill a strong, cold, gusty wind chilled me to the bone. This hill, I discovered later, is called “Holdstone Down” and rises steeply from the sea to a height of 1,146 feet. It is one of the highest spots in that part of Devonshire.

From page 20

The Master Jesus, in His steadfast love for suffering humanity, had seen fit to intervene through the agency of a human being.

The Master Aetherius has said: “For every step you take towards The Cosmic Masters—They will take two towards you.”

The Master Jesus has said: “I am always here with you.”

Neither of these Illuminated Ones expect you to have a vague, indefinable faith in this advice. They expect you to put it to the test. When you find it really works—as you will find it does—They expect you to speak of this Truth to all men, so that all may, in this way, have an experience which will live forever as the inextinguishable flame of Truth within their own souls. When you do this, you will know that you are being of real service to mankind in the way that The Master Jesus and the other Great Ones advise you to be, for you will be instrumental in helping the Great Plan for terrestrial salvation to be brought into fruitful and lasting manifestation.

The main reasons for reporting this incident—which normally would be far too sacred to be spoken about—are: firstly, that it may be of value to those who have not yet fully realized the nearness of the Great Ones, such as The Master Jesus; and secondly, to show the tremendous Power of Prayer, once this nearness has been realized.