Initiation Into Dynamic and Soul Mantra (CD)


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Initiation into Dynamic and Soul Mantra (CD in album with insert)

Mantra – the science of sacred sound – is one of the most powerful spiritual practices anyone can perform. By chanting a holy mantra, the sound itself causes a spiritualizing effect throughout our whole being – making us wiser, purer, more psychic and better channels for healing energy. Timeless, mystical, inspirational – and life-changing – a true mantra is so sacred that it can only be given by initiation from a genuine Master of mantra yoga, within whom the mantra “lives”. In this unique CD, Dr. George King, who was indeed such a Master, will initiate you into no less than 11 mantras for your personal use in spiritual development and, most important of all, service to others.

Running time: 1 hour 19 mins