Cosmic Voice Issue 23


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Cosmic Voice – Issue 23

By Dr. George King

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One of five separate booklets – each one a treasure-trove of wisdom and illuminating information about life on other planets and humanity’s spiritual journey. As well as containing numerous Cosmic Transmissions from a variety of extraterrestrial communicators speaking through Dr. George King, these journals also provide first-hand accounts of a number of Phases of Operation Starlight – the Mission which took Dr. King around the world acting as a channel for the charging of 18 mountains with spiritual power, making them forever holy. The energies within these mountains are accessible to all who have the pure motive of using these for healing and upliftment.

Each issue is a separate booklet and 33 pages; issues sold separately.

Recommended to those with an interest in spiritual wisdom from extraterrestrial sources and in holy mountains.


From page 9:

It came.

A tremendous surge of terrific Energy went deep into the great mass of that mountain, making it forever — a Holy Place. I felt the very mountain vibrate beneath me. The Charge was manipulated by that Mighty Cosmic Master — Mars Sector 6.

After this, He relayed to me this Message to be given to the World.

“This mountain is now Charged with Energies which, when activated correctly, will manifest in that balance necessary to heal those Terrestrials whose Karmic Pattern allows such intervention.
If you would serve your brothers, come ye to the summit, activate this potential and radiate these Energies to all who need such help.”

My mind strayed for a moment to the terrible agony I had suffered during this climb. As if in answer to a question regarding this, Mars Section 6 stated: “Who else could be called upon to bear that Karma which allowed such energies to be given unto Terra?”

I remained silent — after all what answer can there be to such a question?

Operation Starlight has taught us many things — perhaps the most important is that whether we like it or not, we are our brother’s keeper. That by our unselfish suffering in the line of Spiritual duty we can render an immeasurable service to all mankind.

From page 25:

For thousands of your years, the Himalayas have been the Seat of Wisdom. This is now being changed. Places like this hithertofore Spiritually insignificant island, England, will in the future become of great significance throughout all Earth. I do not say that in order to flatter you. Flattery is absurdity; it is beyond our indulgence.

Gradually, Mankind in the New World will learn to tap the great all-pervasiveEnergy radiating from the Logos of the Planet as an Intelligence. He will be able to bathe himself in this great Light and thereby preserve his physical structure throughout the centuries. He will learn how to cause procreation without physical contact. He will learn how to communicate with all the Worlds. He will conquer space. He will be taken to the far ends of the Galaxy. Many and varied will be his experiences.
He will gradually spread throughout the whole of Space, finding out for himself its great mysteries, solving these mysteries, understanding and living by the Great Laws.

In these days, he will be evolved above all war. All thoughts of materialistic gain will be foreign to him. He will be evolved above all known political systems. He will be evolved above the use of his petty free will and he will be given the key to the Great Portal of total Freedom.

This is the New Age as it will be. There is not a force in all the Worlds which can alter this, which can put one blemish upon it, not even the foolishness of Mankind.

For those who turn away from their present opportunities to enter this New Age, to reside upon the New World, there will be rebirth upon a younger Planet and a history similar to that Mankind has already experienced.

Aeons ago, when the lifestreams now manifesting as Terrestrial Man chose free will, they also brought upon themselves a certain set of experiences. These experiences must be lived through to their full extent.