Contact With A Lord Of Karma


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Contact With A Lord of Karma

By Dr. George King

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This book covers a wide spectrum of subjects relating to the Cosmic Masters and their vital and very advanced spiritual work to help our backward race. One of the most important revelations it makes is the future dates of Spiritual Pushes – periods when a large extraterrestrial spacecraft comes into orbit of Earth to flood our world with much-needed spiritual energy. It also contains a fascinating account of the visitation of a Cosmic Master to Dr. George King’s small home in Santa Barbara, California, in 1988.

Softback; 95 pages.

Recommended to the more advanced seeker who already has considerable knowledge of Dr. George King’s space contacts.


From the back cover


On May 28th, 1955, an announcement was made by The Cosmic Masters, through the unique Yogic abilities of the Author, George King, D.Sc., Th.D that a spacecraft would come into orbit of the Planet Earth for a number of days each year to send great Spiritual Healing powers to all people on Erath.

In those early days, the dates year by year did fluctuate. The Author, given the official title of Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel by The Cosmic Masters, was the only link to give cooperators these fluctuating dates of the operation of Satellite No. 3.

Now, for the first time ever, in this book, CONTACT WITH A LORD OF KARMA, the dates are given for the next 1000 years of operation around the Planet Earth of Satellite No. 3, an ultra-sophisticated and extremely advanced Spacecraft coming from Cosmic Sources.

Now, even when the Author has to leave Earth, you will still be able to cooperate, in your chosen fashion, with the uplifting, inspiring Spiritual Healing Energies sent from Satellite No. 3 to you.

Also The Aetherius Society, the most active metaphysical organization of its kind on Earth today, is now cooperating with the orbits of Satellite No. 3 and, in the years to come, will send out approximately two million Prayer Hours per year, for the benefit of all terrestrials, through machines which were carefully designed by the Author.

From pages 37-38

“Are You prepared, at this particular time, to give a future forecast for the ‘Magnetization Period’ dates when The Adepts may have to leave Earth, or when I have to leave Earth?”

Mars Sector 6: “I am so prepared.”
His Eminence: “Thank You, Mars Sector 6. (pause) Yes, I will do that for a matter of record. The 1988 ‘Magnetization Period’ dates were:

March 7th to March 12th — Emergency Period.
April 18th to May 23rd.

July 5th to August 5th.

September 3rd to October 9th.
November 4th to December 10th.”

Mars Sector 6: “These dates will stand. There will not be an alteration in these dates, with the exception of the following . . . .”

His Eminence: “I am pulling the information which was given on the 18th of August in the year 1967. That document was signed by three witnesses, who witnessed my signature, and also it had a Notary Seal on it. So this earlier one is no longer valid?”

Mars Sector 6: “That is no longer valid.

“Now the exception. These dates will be logged as from 1989 and there will be one major exception, and that is this: the dates of the Emergency Periods may vary slightly and then they will be fixed.”

His Eminence: “When will they vary slightly?”

Mars Sector 6: “I will give you further information regarding that. The rest of the dates are fixed for as long as it is possible for The Aetherius Society to cooperate with them.”

His Eminence: “Thank You very much. So I will communicate further with You at a later time regarding these Emergency Periods—I take it there will be some?”

Mars Sector 6: “Yes, there will be Emergency Periods.”

From pages 33-34

His Eminence: “And I thank You very much.
“Now, may I please sum up what You have said?”

Nixies Zero Zero Nine: “Yes, you may.”

His Eminence: “Your main Mission here was to introduce Yourself to me. Also, You stated that when The Five Adepts have to leave the Planet Earth, You and Your Colleagues will remain; that You will be the Chief Communications Officer when The Adepts have gone; that You will receive all communications regarding Missions from my colleagues here, Aetherius Society Tactical Team Members; however, You cannot guarantee to reply to them. But I am sure they will be relieved to know that You are monitoring them.”

Nixies Zero Zero Nine: “I will monitor them.”

His Eminence: “Now, The Masters from Gotha, as You know, perform the Spiritual Energy release in Operation Sunbeam and They intend to stay because Operation Sunbeam will be performed in the future.” (Note 17.)

Nixies Zero Zero Nine: “I think that is a brilliant idea and I will leave that Mission to Them. However, I will be available for further communications with you in the near future.”

His Eminence: “Thank You very much, Nixies Zero Zero Nine. Thank You for coming to visit me and to introduce Yourself to me and look around my small domicile in Santa Barbara, and I will look forward, in the future, to showing You around my Headquarters in Los Angeles.”

Nixies Zero Zero Nine: “I wish to thank you for that. I will look forward to this privilege and will make arrangements for that.”

His Eminence: “Thank You very much.

“This is (Code Name) ending Communique for the time being with Nixies Zero Zero Nine.
“The time now is 9:45 p.m., Santa Barbara.”

After this very interesting visit, Adept Nixies Zero Zero Nine left.