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Lisbon Group

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Isabel Fernandes – Organizadora

Avenida 25 de Abril 1097 C, Piso-1, Loja 9,
2750-515 Cascais, Portugal
+351 93 830 5533
[email protected]

Atividades Regulares

A Sociedade Aetherius – Lisboa, executa um programa regular de serviços ao longo do ano. Por favor, entre em contato com a organizadora para mais informações.


Saturday, 13 July 2019, 10am-1pm, 50 Euros (10% discount for Members & Friends of The Aetherius Society. Click here to become a Friend)
Yoga Breathing
Workshop with Isabel Fernandes
Cascais Natural Health Clinic, Av. 25 de Abril 1097C, Piso -1, Nº 9, 2750-515 Cascais
For information & bookings, call +351 938 305 533 or +351 938 305 533
In this practical and inspiring workshop, you will be introduced to a simple yet powerful system of spiritual breathing exercises based on ancient practices carefully put together by a master of yoga – Dr. George King. Benefits reported from yoga breathing include:

• increased vitality and alertness
• control of stress and more natural sleep
• greater confidence and more positive thinking
• improved concentration and memory
• enhanced psychic and intuitive abilities
• clarity of thought and sense of purpose
• stronger awareness of the Divine Self

Isabel Fernandes is a Naturopathic Doctor working in Portugal for over 25 years; she knows the importance of correct breathing for good physical, mental, psychic and spiritual health and has taught many of her patients, including children to do the King Yoga Breathing technique.