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Johannesburg Group

Organiser: Regina Wollschlager

P.O Box 1425, Highlands North, Johannesburg 2037, South Africa
+27 11 640 6720 or +27 72 863 6215
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Regular activities

The Johannesburg Group runs a regular programme of services throughout the year. Please contact the organiser for details.

Saturday, 4 May 2019, 12noon, (fayre entrance R20)
Aliens, Angels and Saviours – Star Wars and Divine Intervention
Talk with Regina Wollschlager
Joy & Light Holistic Fayre, Edenvale Community Centre, Van Riebeeck Ave. corner 2nd Street, Johannesburg
For bookings & enquiries, contact Regina on 011 640 6720 or 072 863 6215 or by email [email protected]

Have you ever wondered why the big earthquake predicted by Nostradamus and others, along the Saint Andreas Fault Line in western America, has not happened?
Have you ever wondered why the world as we know it did not end with the Mayan Calendar in 2012? Something predicted in many other writings as well.
Despite all the UFO sightings, NASA insists there is no life on other planets in our Solar System. Could they be existing on different vibrations of matter to us – a bit like our dear departed loved ones?
Hollywood usually depicts aliens as hostile and warlike. If they are, then how come we have not been invaded yet? The crafts that have been seen show that their science and technology is far superior to ours, so we are an easy target. Much of the research and proof is not published in the regular media.
As science and spirituality inch closer together, more and more is being understood. As told in the Bible, eastern Holy books and other ancient records, we have had help throughout the ages from more advanced beings who have saved us over and over again. Many “Star Wars” have been fought to protect us as we are not even aware of many of the dangers.
Now, as we move into the Aquarian Age of science and spirituality, we have even more help and intervention than EVER before.

Regina Wollschlager’s search for the connection between spirituality and science began at a very young age. This search eventually led her to the Aetherius Society, over 20 years ago. She became the organizer of the Johannesburg Group in 1998 after undergoing extensive training. She has appeared on radio and T.V. programmes and writes regular articles for Yoga and New Age magazines. She also instructs workshops on many Yoga, self-development and healing subjects.