Quotes on GOD by Dr. King

Go towards God NOW. Remember – even a Saint cannot reclaim a wasted minute.

The Aetherius Society Newsletter – 1977, Volume 16, Issues 20-21

There are many roads to God but you have to take one of them.

‘Choose Well’

Reality is not that which we can see or feel or touch, not even with our psychic senses. It is above all these things and behind all these things. The world around us is unreal. Our bodies and minds are unreal. The great Reality is the Everlasting Truth which is behind all these things and the greatest Reality is God.

The Aetherius Society Newsletter – 1974, Issues 25-26

All men upon this Planet, irrespective of colour or belief, have but one mission to perform and that mission is to know God.

The Aetherius Society Newsletter – 1979, Issues 17-18

Never ever, but ever, give your second best to God. Give only the best that you can and never ever, be fully satisfied with this best.

The Aetherius Society Newsletter – 1980, Issues 1-4

Miracles are not performed by God for man, but by man for God.

Realize Your Inner Potential

“I am naught,” said a man. “Naught but me,” answered God.

The Aetherius Society Newsletter – 1979, Volume 18, Issues 29-32

For every step you take towards God – God will take two steps towards you.

Cosmic Voice – 1984, Volume 5, Issues 1-4

An individual is never given a task they are not capable of. This is a Law of God.

Cosmic Voice – 1996, Volume 17, Issues 4-7


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