Contacts with the Gods from space – pathway to the New Age

Launch of the second edition of this spiritual classic by Dr George King with Richard Lawrence

Contacts with the Gods from Space

Dr George King, right, with his co-author, Richard Lawrence, left, in the 1980s.

Dr George King, right, with his co-author,      Richard Lawrence, left, in the 1980s.

Discover the truth about UFOs, cosmic spirituality and the future of life on Earth!

Advanced extraterrestrial intelligences exist and are visiting our world. These intelligences have contacted a number of individuals throughout history, and at times even been born among us, such beings including the Master Jesus, the Lord Buddha, Sri Krishna, Confucius and Moses. In more recent times, Dr. George King was in contact with the Gods from space from 1954 until his passing in 1997.

The second edition of Contacts with the Gods from space, the last book by Dr. King published in his lifetime, which has inspired thousands of people around the world, now has a new foreword and a new afterword that contains a key revelation not included in the first edition.

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