A world crisis in Ukraine – you can help!

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22 February 2022

An appeal on behalf of The Aetherius Society for spiritual action by the biographers of Dr. George King

Dr. King founded The Aetherius Society in 1955 primarily to respond to the dangerous situation upon our world at that time and in the coming years. Throughout his life he led his organisation in providing the only lasting solution to catastrophe, cataclysm and crisis – an outpouring of spiritual energy.

Sixty years ago many feared nuclear conflagration would ensue between the USA and the Soviet Union due to a conflict centred on the small island of Cuba. In response, Dr. King participated in a series of transmissions of spiritual power generated by cosmic intelligences in cooperation with Earth cooperators. As Mars Sector 6 stated on October 22nd, 1962:

It is to be hoped that leaders now in position upon Terra [Earth] will be guided by their higher instincts and not their basic ones…We are unable to use any force to sway the opinions of world leaders but we can but send them the universal life forces in the hopes that they behave like logical thinking humans and not like snarling animals.

As history records, world leaders stepped back from the razor’s edge at the last minute, and the Cuban missile crisis was resolved.

Today’s focus is upon the Ukraine conflict with the stakes potentially just as high, and some issuing bleak warnings of a World War III. We can all do something about it by following the brilliant strategy of Dr. George King.

We cannot perform special power transmissions without him but we are releasing daily, thousands of prayer hours of spiritual energy sent by cosmic intelligences through equipment he devised from five international locations, specifically for peace and freedom in the Ukraine conflict.

But, powerful as this is, the active cooperation of human beings is also essential, especially at a karmic level. In the light of this we are holding Services at least once a day, which can be attended online.

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If you live near enough to a Headquarters, Branch or Group of The Aetherius Society, it is always more potent to physically attend activities there. But on days when there are no meetings, and for those who are unable to travel to them, your attendance online at our Services will make a massive difference in bringing peace and stability to our world at this time.

In The King Who Came To Earth, we wrote:

He did not believe in waiting for divine intervention, but in us taking action ourselves. His aphorism, which should be a byword for humanity in these days, is:
Miracles are not performed by God for man, but by man for God.

Now is a time for men and women of all races, nationalities and faiths to band together in prayer. Please join us in helping to bring the miracle of peace and freedom our world desperately needs.

With thanks for considering our appeal at this time.

Richard LawrenceBrian Keneipp

The Spiritual Freedom Show – Ukraine Conflict Special

Ukraine Conflict Special

In this special extended episode of The Spiritual Freedom Show, Richard talks about what you can do right now to help bring peace, freedom and healing in the Ukraine conflict. Discover more about Love energy and follow along to radiate this power for yourself together with Alyson Lawrence!

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