1. If I Could Choose 2. Truth 3. To Him Who Hath It Shall Be Given (Download)


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If I Could Choose/Truth/To Him Who Hath It Shall Be Given – Audio download

Addresses by Dr. George King

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In the first of these talks, Dr. King answers the question of what he would do if he had complete freedom of choice. This unique lesson provides a rare, very personal insight into the complex character of Dr. King and illustrates how the choices of an enlightened man vary from the choices of an ordinary person.

In the second talk Dr. King teaches all one has to know about the search for Truth, its consequences and rewards, and how this search can be either pointless or result in advanced Initiation.

In the third lesson Dr. King explains why it is that the rich become richer. Generally true in the material world, this is always true in the Spiritual life. The Divine Law does not ignore the expenditure of energy but rewards it! Here is a little gem to aid you on the path toward enlightenment.

Running time: 33 mins

Audio download file type: .m4a

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