Make your prayers really work

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Experience spiritual energy for yourself!

Spiritual energy is a real power that can be physically felt. It is not delusional wishful thinking on the basis of blind faith.

The posture for the prayer technique

The posture for the prayer technique

If you try one or more of the following simple practices, which take only a few minutes, sooner or later you will experience the sensation of spiritual energy flow. You do not need to believe in The Aetherius Society to do this, but you do need to have a truly open-minded approach and a genuinely spiritual motive. Some people experience the energy very quickly, others will need to try a number of times, preferably on a daily basis.

Experience A

1. Sit still with the back straight and eyes closed.
2. Breathe deeply and evenly through the nostrils.
3. Visualize white light entering the nostrils on the in-breath, and filling the body and aura on the out-breath.
4. After having done this for a few moments, visualize white light coming down into the head, brain, neck, shoulders, chest and out into the heart chakra – a point in front of the breastbone a few inches in front of the physical body.
5. Also visualize the light coming down the arms into the hands.
6. Raise the hands, palms facing in front of you, roughly parallel with the shoulders. (As per the photograph)
7. Visualize the light flowing out of the palms and heart chakra.
8. Direct this light to a trouble spot, such as a warzone.
9. See the trouble spot filled with this light. Do not visualize the place as it is – but as it could be, where people are filled with spiritual joy, inspiration and healing.
10. Feel a genuine compassion for the people suffering in this region.
11. Continue the visualization for as long as you have time to do so.
12. Brush the right palm over the left away from yourself once when you finish.

Experience B

1. Do steps 1-7 of Experience A
2. Direct the light towards a great spiritual Master, such as The Master Aetherius, The Master Jesus, Dr. George King, Mars Sector 6, Buddha, Sri Krishna etc.
3. Feel a genuine reverence and gratitude to this Master.
4. Do steps 11 and 12 of Experience A.

Experience C

1. Do steps 1-7 of Experience A
2. Feel a genuine yearning for spiritual Truth – and commit yourself to living and acting in the light of this Truth – whatever it may be. The more intense and sincere you are, the more effective this will be. The desire for Truth should also be unselfish – wanting to use that wisdom to help others.
3. Repeat steps 11 and 12 of Experience A.

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