with Richard Lawrence & Kevin Kendle

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The Album

Discover a world of peace, inspiration and spiritual energy to revitalise every aspect of your life with world-renowned meditation expert Richard Lawrence, and music from one of the finest keyboard artists recording today, Kevin Kendle.


1. Still (5:51)

2. Breathe (6:20)

3. Light (7:22)

4. Energise (7:45)

5. Flame (7:14)

6. Love (6:48)

7. Pray (6:58)

8. Divine (6:59)

9. Karma (10:21)

10. Cosmic (6:46)

"...uplifting, inspirational and calming... I can think of many of my family and friends who would benefit from finding this in their Christmas stocking."

Diane, South Yorkshire, UK

"This is by far the best meditation CD I have ever found. Simple and easy to follow - it transports me into a world of peace and inspiration every time I hear it. I am amazed at how much of an effect it has on me."

Mark, London, UK

"...beautiful... both relaxing and uplifting. Each track has a different theme, so there it something to suit every mood and state of mind... a great deal of food for thought..."

Helen, Todmorden, UK

"Soul inspired music and profound spiritual wisdom. It is difficult to find a guided meditation album that strikes the right balance and offers a real experience. This one did it for me."

Darren, Singapore

Experience the soothing and uplifting combination of words written and spoken by Richard Lawrence together with music composed and played by Kevin Kendle - to raise your consciousness and empower your soul.


Whether you need to be energised or motivated, or simply want to relax - these meditations will introduce a new paradigm of inner harmony into your heart, mind and whole being.

"It is a wonderful meditation CD with spiritual exercises & tranquil music, to relax, uplift & inspire, bringing me to perfect peace & harmony. I would definitely recommend this CD to anyone looking for these qualities."

Maureen, Ossett, UK

"A superb blend of meditation practices, uplifting music and timeless wisdom. The perfect gift for anyone searching for peace, harmony and inner realisation. A great way to relax, energise and uplift oneself."

Bipin, Derby, UK

"…brilliant… excellent guidance… music and voice are harmoniously synchronised, leading to a quality of mind stillness, peace and serenity."

Bernard, Leicester, UK

The Artists

A special collaboration between world-renowned meditation expert Richard Lawrence and acclaimed keyboard artist Kevin Kendle.


Richard Lawrence

"...a world-renowned teacher of psychic development and meditation..."

Spirit & Destiny

Richard Lawrence is a world-renowned meditation expert. An award-winning international bestselling author, he has frequently appeared on TV and radio internationally, and featured in numerous magazines and newspapers. Inspired, motivational and insightful, he has been described in Kindred Spirit magazine as one "of the biggest talents in MBS".

"...a balanced and responsible spiritual approach, combined with enthusiasm and a sense of humour..."

Spirit & Destiny


Kevin Kendle

"...Kevin's ability to transport your senses is truly remarkable..."


Kevin Kendle is a highly acclaimed musician from the UK who has gained a reputation for producing consistently high quality music. Outstanding production, attention to detail and crystal clear sound are trademark features of his work, inspiring some to rate him as one of the finest keyboard artists recording today.

"...simply divine melodies, which help to relax and calm the soul.”

Serge Kozlovsky, sergekozlovsky.com

The inspiration

Richard Lawrence's inspiration for this CD of Peace Meditations is the life and work of his own spiritual guru, Dr. George King, with whom he worked closely for over 20 years.

George King_Lotus

Dr. King was as charismatic as he was enigmatic, making a unique contribution to spiritual thought on Earth. Never afraid to state his true beliefs, he followed through his convictions to the letter - never pandering to public opinion, or reticent to speak the truth.

Born in Shropshire, England, in 1919, he was a conscientious objector in the Fire Service during the Second World War. Around the end of the war, he resolved to completely dedicate himself to the higher forms of yoga, practising for an average of 8-10 hours per day for about a decade - while still living in London and doing a full-time job.

This led him to develop psychic abilities and ultimately enter Cosmic Consciousness - the highest state of meditation achievable on Earth. He also became an outstanding trance medium, acting as the channel for advanced intelligences from other planets, including The Master Aetherius, The Master Jesus, Jupiter 92, Mars Sector 6 and a Lord of Saturn.

The Aetherius Society, which he started in 1955, is dedicated to spreading, and acting upon, the teachings given by, and through, him until his passing in 1997. For more information about the Society's workshops and other activities around the world, please visit www.aetherius.org.

"Fantastic! This is not just another meditation CD. It takes you from relaxation to realisation, raising your consciousness through meditation practices. Richard Lawrence's inspiring, spiritual words and Kevin Kendle's ethereal music work in perfect harmony to enhance the total experience."

David, Tankersley, UK

"I have listened to many meditation CDs before, but have never come across one that is as balanced and complete as this one! Simply a masterpiece..."

Isabel, Lisbon, Portugal

"I highly recommend this product for people new to meditation, as it makes relaxation easy to achieve in your spare moments of a busy day."

Jeremy, London, UK

"...by far the best CD/DVD that Richard has made to date... an inspiring experience of moving beyond the day to day to a deeper space within from which one emerges refreshed, balanced and more whole."

Bryan, London, UK

"An absolute must for those seeking how to find peace… An experience not to be missed! Takes you to the heights, a wonderful feeling which continues into one's own life - certainly has in mine!"

Nikki, London, UK

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