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The Joy of Mantra – an Initiation into the Science of Sacred Sounds

With Ashima Hui-Keneipp and Rodney Crosby

About the event

Are you looking for a way to deepen your spiritual practice and take the next step towards a more spiritually-fulfilling life?

In the East, mantra yoga (sometimes known as japa) has been used for countless centuries to quiet the mind and raise consciousness.

In this workshop, we’ll share the transformative power of the ancient science of mantra.

Chanting mantra can:

  • Help us live in the present moment
  • Help heal samskaras (mental impressions)
  • Bring greater joy, peace and emotional wellbeing
  • Improve our concentration
  • Protect us from negative energies
  • Raise our vibrations and those of our environment
  • Make us better healers
  • Open us up to greater inspiration and awakening
  • Align us with the higher frequencies of the universe
  • Let us invoke tremendous power which we can send out to bring greater light to our world

We’ll show how to incorporate chanting mantra as a spiritual practice in your daily life to help you connect to the divine within and bring a deeper sense of purpose to your life.

You’ll receive mudras and five sacred Sanskrit mantras during the workshop. According to the Law of Mantra, mantras should only be passed on by someone within whom the mantra lives, like Master of Yoga Dr. George King. You’ll be initiated into the mantras through recordings of Dr. King.

Join us to discover the limitless power of mantra and how to evolve yourself and the world.

Presented by

Ashima Hui-Keneipp

Ashima Hui-Keneipp

A native of Hong Kong, Ashima moved to Canada where she became a Member of The Aetherius Society in 2002. She joined the Staff Team in 2007, and in 2011 moved to the American Headquarters to be of greater service to the world. Ashima is passionate about empowering others and enabling them to better heal and transform the world. A Priest in the Aetherius Church, Ashima is known for her sincere, patient and thorough approach to teaching. She has taught various King Yoga classes, including pranayama and mantra. She regularly leads world healing mantra sessions, as well as weekly live streamed pranayama sessions in a Facebook community, Awakening Through King Yoga, which she co-manages.


Rodney Crosby

Rodney joined the Aetherius Society in 1975 and is part of the Staff Team. He worked closely for Dr. King at the American Headquarters for 25 years. Known for his warmth as a presenter, he has taught a variety of King Yoga classes and workshops. He has long-practiced mantra on a regular basis and experienced the corresponding change in consciousness.

The Temple, Los Angeles

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The Headquarters has been at this address since 1965 and is where we continue to hold most of our Services, workshops and lectures throughout the year.

Many visitors who are sensitive to energy have noticed the special vibrations throughout the property. Our Spiritual Master and Founder of The Aetherius Society, Yoga Master Dr. George King, took many of the hundreds of teachings given through him as a yogic medium from Advanced Beings from this Earth and beyond here. His residence for 30+ years is located in the building next to our temple on the property. Special Missions performed for the benefit of humanity and our Mother Earth are still being performed regularly from from this location.

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Date and Time

Saturday, May 27, 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm PDT




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